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Fiscal Strength / Taxes
Growth in Economic Hard Times
The Village of Waunakee’s financial strength is built upon good planning both financially and developmentally. Over the last decade, the village has enjoyed above average growth compared to other Wisconsin communities and even during the recent economic slow maintained some level of growth. The economic growth that the village has seen has allowed the village to put in place policies that protect the village from revenue cuts from the state, to work with developers to have available lots for both residential and industrial growth, and to plan for future village infrastructure improvements.

Moody’s Investors Service Rating
The village has been rated a Aa2 by Moody’s Investors Service. Moody’s, during its rating of the village, commented that the rating is based upon the financial policies, economic outlook, and their perception of the quality of the village’s management. Moody’s was also impressed that the village continues to submit its annual financial report and budget document annually to the Government Finance Officers Association for review and has received awards for nine straight years for the annual financial report and eight straight years for the budget document.

The village is in a strong financial position to continue to assist with development and maintain current levels of service that our residents enjoy.

Financial Stability Statistics
The following financial statistics were collected from the Village of Waunakee in 2011:
  • Bond rating - Aa2 through Moody's Investor Service
  • Debt levy as a percentage of total levy - 29.65%, (policy 30%)
  • Debt limit - 2.5% of fair value, which is the village's self-imposed ratio; the state limit is 5%
  • Debt tax rate - $1.91 (policy $2.25)
  • Undesignated fund balance - $1,742,031
  • Undesignated fund balance as a percentage of the operating budget - 26.95% (policy 25%)
Wisconsin State Taxes
Type of Tax Percentage
Corporate tax 7.9%
Personal income tax 4.6-7.75%
Sales tax 5.5%
Source: Wisconsin Department of Revenue, 2010

Contact Information
Contact Village Administrator and Economic Development Director Todd Schmidt for more information.