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Why Wisconsin
Wisconsin is experiencing an economic renaissance. Spawned by experience in a wide range of technology-oriented industries, assisted by our government's firm commitment to economic development, and fueled by an aggressive attitude, a more competitive Wisconsin has emerged. Here are some of the reasons why: 
  • Customized Labor Training Fund and more than 500 technical outreach training locations assist companies in their specific training needs. 
  • No public institution, anywhere, spends as much on transfer of applicable technology to private industry as the University of Wisconsin - Madison.
  • The University of Wisconsin receives more research and development money than any other public university in the country.
  • Wisconsin electric rates are among the lowest in the country, along with commercial and industrial water and sewer rates.
  • Wisconsin has single-sales-factor tax treatment and a 60% capital gains exclusion, no unitary tax on foreign-owned corporations, and no inheritance and gift taxes.
  • Wisconsin is among the top 15 states in industrial production. Wisconsin ranks third nationally in percentage of total jobs that are in manufacturing according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Wisconsin provides tax credits for energy used in manufacturing and for research and development (R&D) expenditures. 
  • Wisconsin's business taxes are among the lowest in the country due to property tax exemptions for manufacturing machinery and equipment, computers and computer equipment, inventories and pollution-control equipment.
  • Wisconsin's technical college system offers more than 800 degree programs and serves one out of every eight adults, which is twice the national average.
  • Wisconsin's Technology Development Fund makes grants in support of university and industry R&D for new products and processes.
  • Wisconsin's worker's compensation rates for most industries consistently rank among the lowest in the country.
Contact Information
Contact Village Administrator and Economic Development Director Todd Schmidt for more information.