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Creativity & Innovation
About the Creative Economy Initiative

Waunakee's Creative Economy Initiative (CEI) is an effort to identify existing sources of creativity and innovation in the Village and foster their growth into a formidable sector of our local economy. In 2011 the Village assembled a task force made up of Village representatives, residents, and local organizations that spearheaded opportunities to enhance Waunakee's profile as a creative, innovative place to live, work, and thrive. Learn more about the CEI in this video.

Purposes of the Waunakee Creative Economy Initiative

  1. Engage businesses, government, the educational sector, and community groups in planning for development and sustainability of programs.
  2. Establish new collaborations among community leaders and groups.
  3. Initiate analysis and planning related to expanding available spaces for cultural resources and activities.
  4. Develop presentations for business, community and educational groups to share models and processes for enhancing imagination and creativity within their existing workplace and structure.
  5. Offer demonstrations for ways to expand collaborations between schools and community artists.
  6. Plan community events and workshops to inform and engage the public in expanding imagination and creativity within families and the community.
  7. Support a study of small community arts and planning development successes and challenges to include on-site visits.
  8. Provide a final report and 5 year strategy with development plans for creative economic sector growth, to potentially include planning for creative industry hubs/clusters, cultural asset mapping, and cultural planning activities.

Updates from the CEI Task Force and Bolz Center Consulting Team

In February 2018, the CEI task force and Bolz Center consulting team convened a series of community conversations to think about what's next for Waunakee's creative economy. Learn more about those meetings, what we heard from community members, and where we go from here on the Creative Economy Task Force page. You can also follow the team's progress by subscribing to our new e-newsletter here

Contact for More Information

Todd Schmidt, Waunakee Village Administrator / Economic Development Director
Telephone: (608) 850-5227